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Jan is officially National Cervical Cancer Month hence all of us must egg on those around on visiting gynaecologists & taking necessary measures for prevention of the 2nd highly pervasive cancer among females globally.

The ACS (American Cancer Society) has approximated that during 2009 more than 11000 females will be identified with signs of cervical cancer & more than four thousand deaths occurring due to the disease.

Cervical cancer results from being recurrently infected with particular HPV strains. Human papilloma virus (HPV) is a rather pervasive STD which seventy-five percent of people in adulthood would develop during some stage in their lifespan with genital HPV being the most pervasive one of them. The virus is capable of infecting people via skin, mucus membrane – with several types afflicting people across genders. Mostly, people develop HPV infection & are oblivious to this fact. Such infections that linger on sans treatments then cause cancer.

Papanicolaou (Pap) smear is the best means of earlier diagnosis of this disease & would essentially be looking out for signs of cervical cancer by checking for any irregularity in such cells. Such cells when caught sooner are excised prior to them turning malignant.

Cervical cancer symptoms generally do not surface till rather later on. Symptomatic females would repeatedly experience irregular or unexpected blood loss from the vaginal region or they would bleed post sexual intercourse. In later staging of the disease, females would frequently experience pains radiating down the backside of the leg areas due to the tumor having progressed to the sciatic nerve. Some would even experience pains in the rectal region or bloody emissions from there or blood-spattered urination due to the tumor have invaded the urinary bladder.

For honouring the month of Jan, campaigning has gone full throttle with ‘Take the Pearl Pledge’ plan being unveiled in the Pearl of Wisdom crusade that is pushing all womankinds in scheduling their yearly visit to the gynaecologist for an exam. Also don a Pearl of Wisdom as an endeavour for backing the noble cause & informing five others on doing the similar deed.

So, as 2011 inches nearer lets all take a pledge to eat right, take proper care of our bodies & mental-health & commit to pre-emptive health-care for shielding sexual welfare.

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