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Some insect bites are painful, some bites are deadly; bugs that carry disease, bugs that infect, and bugs that carry poisonous venom that can KILL you.. These are some of the worlds deadliest bugs to be bitten by. – We humans aren’t the biggest or the toughest creatures on Earth. There are many different animals that could easily kill us, like massive Grizzly Bears and wolves on land, and sharks and all manner of other deep-sea creatures out in the ocean. But what truly terrifies a lot of people is actually quite small… and easily crushed, burned, or killed with chemicals. Doesn’t stop us from being scared of insects though, and it’s not a totally irrational fear, it would seem.

Bot FliesHave any bumps under your skin? Have you been to south or central america recently? Then you may very well have a bot fly larvae living underneath your skin. This small flying insect spends it’s larvae stage inside a living mammal, feeding off the blood and butrients. The Bot Fly injects it’s eggs through it’s bite, deeply injecting it’s eggs into the sub-dermis.

Bullet Ants While not exactly deadly, the Bullet Ant has, objectively, the most painful insect bite known to man. Victims of a Bullet Ant bite liken the pain to being shot by a .45 caliber round. The bug is also known as the “24-hour ant” because the intense pain will last for an entire 24 hour period. Paralysis TickTicks aren’t generally that big of a threat. They can carry lime disease, and while that’s dangerous in of itself, the Paralysis Tick from Australia has another, stronger trick up it’s sleeve, it injects a chemical that, if you’re allergic to it, will stop your airways and kill you in

 a day. Fleas If you’ve ever had a dog or a cat, then you’ll know how annoying flea bites are. They’re itchy and the fleas themselves jump all over the place making it hard to kill ’em. Fleas will drink your blood, around 15 times their own body weight. Of course, back in 1346, fleas were responsible for the death of around 200 million people in Europe. Kissing Bugs You. You have a vertebrae.
That means a Kissing Bug would love to bite into your lip while your sleeping and drain as much blood as it possibly could.Tsetse flies Tsetse fly is the single most deadly insect in all of Africa. It’s bite allows it to drink your blood (because of course it drinks blood) and inject a deadly toxin. The bite itself is also a very painful sting, but the true danger lies in that toxin, which gives the victim the African sleeping sickness, which can prove fatal if treatment isn’t given quickly. Killer Bees Killer Bees. This species of bee is quite simply.. brutal, and can easily kill a human. These suckers will follow you for an entire mile if you make the nest mad, and they will not give up until either you’re dead or the entire colony has killed themselves in their attack. Japanese Hornets Hornets. 2 inch long hyper-aggressive, acid-spitting giant Japanese hornets. No, seriously, their venom is very acidic and will eat through flesh if they bite you. They’re also fearless, or suicidal depending on your point of view. Mosquitoes The single most deadly insect in the world is not a bee or wasp, or even a scorpion… it’s the common Mosquito. It kills 1 million people, every single year. They drink blood, and their bites are annoying at best, deadly at worst.

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